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Why Eyelash Extension?

Eyelash extension As the name implies, is a treatment that is intended to make eyelashes become longer, thicker and more supple by using the extension method (to connect).

The way the artificial eyelashes will be applied one by one to the original eyelashes using special eyelash extension glue. With this technique, eyelashes will look more curved and natural.

Eyelash Extension Bali
Eyelash extension is an eyelash installation treatment that aims to get the appearance of eyelashes that are longer, curvy, and volume. Eyelash connections used are generally made from synthetic, but some are made of real eyelashes. The eyelash extension process usually takes about 2 to 3 hours.

Eyelash Extension Services in Bali

In Indonesia, especially in Bali, Eyelash Extension is as a necessity. The use of Eyelash Extensions is very important in lifestyle and make Eyelash Extensions as the needs of women in Indonesia, Eyelash Extensions are considered important for women because it can shorten the time to dress up and to look more beautiful while the advantages of using Eyelash Extensions are:

  • Can shorten time or saving time for sure
  • Helping our look and appearence stays perfect without makeup on the eyes area, the eyes already look more 'alive'.
  • Always looks stand out anytime and anywhere, as well as our sense of confidence increasing.

We offer Eyelash Extension Home Service in Bali to your place or our "humble" home studio, which is you can count on without having to worry about going somewhere in the wrong time and you have less time for it.

Our home service covers Canggu, Seminyak, Denpasar, Sanur, Kuta and surrounding areas.

We are open 7 days a week, including Christmas Eve and NYE!!

We want to reassure, that you'll be ready for all your holidays and events

Things to consider before applying an eyelash extension

If you have sensitive skin
Basically, the eyelash extenstion treatment does not have side effects, even on sensitive skin. Some customers often complain of itching after the application. However, you need to know that this can be caused by false eyelash installation techniques. For this reason, it is important to choose a professional beauty salon.
Retouching in regular basis
Although you have used eyelash extensions, you are advised to comb your eyelashes every day. Sleeping position, wind, even activities that intentionally - or not - touch the eyelashes, can cause eyelash extensions to shift. The most disturbing, if the position of stop eyelashes start to change so that it disturbs your vision. Immediately visit the salon customers to re-do retouch treatment.
Need an extra care
When using eyelash extensions, you are advised to take extra care. Don't use heavy shower water when bathing or dry your face with a towel too hard. Make sure your sleeping position does not attach the eyes to the surface of the pillow so that false eyelashes do not fall off easily.
It's a little bit hard to apply makeup on the eye area
The main enemy of eyelash extension is a product that contains a lot of oil. That is why, avoid using eyeliner, eye makeup, or eye cleansers that contain oil.
Usually not long lasting
Generally, the results of eyelash extension will last around 2-4 weeks. This depends on your habitual pattern of treating eyelash extensions to the type of eyelash extension glue used. For that, choose a professional salon that uses quality eyelash extension products and has a good installation technique.

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Eyelash Extension Bali Treatment Tips during Covid-19

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Frequently Asked Questions

When applied properly, eyelash extensions are designed to last the entire length of this eyelash growth cycle. Natural lashes fall every 45 to 60 days and are replaced with new eyelashes; However, some external factors can cause extensions to fall out faster. While each person's experience might be different because of their daily activities, touching-ups are usually needed every 2 to 3 weeks.

No! Eyelash extension procedure is completely safe. In fact, most patients find the procedure so relaxing that they fall asleep!

During the process of installing additional eyelashes, the eyes required to close it completely. So, the possibility of glue spills on the eye is very relatively small and almost impossible. However, to maintain safety and to anticipate bad things happen, the glue used in the eyelash extension procedure is certainly safe.

The use of mascara on eyelashes that have passed the eyelash extension procedure is allowed with a few notes. One is the recommended use of mascara only at the tip of the lashes. This is to avoid thickening at the base of the eyelashes which makes it heavy and can fall out or clot.

This is a question that often arises and has been trusted by some people. The answer to this question is "no". As long as the eyelash extension procedure is done properly by professionals and uses the recommended safe ingredients, your original eyelashes will be safe. Moreover, eyelash regeneration is also relatively fast, so your eyelashes will return to normal after 8 weeks have passed.

Because the eyelash extension procedure uses glue as an adhesive, you are strongly advised to avoid direct contact of water to the face for the first 24 hours. Water will make the glue adhesives weaken and knock out the eyelashes that have just been installed.

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